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    Earp Chirp May 15, 2022 Inside Wynonna Earp - Love In The Time Of Corona
    53a Earp Chirp Bonus! VAM Bam: "Love In The Time Of Corona"

    Inside Wynonna Earp for season 4, episode 7, “Love’s All Over”

    V.A.M. / vam / noun - value added material

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp May 1, 2022 Inside Wynonna Earp - Back In The Saddle
    47a Earp Chirp Bonus! VAM Bam: "Back In The Saddle"

    Inside Wynonna Earp for season 4, episode 1, “On The Road Again”

    V.A.M. / vam / noun - value added material

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    Earp Chirp February 12, 2022 Wynonna Earp S4:E12
    58 "Old Souls" (S4:E12)

    Our hearts are full, and we might still be a bit sniffly after watching the season 4 finale. Sure. There may have been some throat slicing and haunted wedding dresses, but mostly this was a deeply satisfying conclusion. And so we end this season with deeply contented sighs.

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    Earp Chirp February 12, 2022 Wynonna Earp S4:E11
    57 "Better Dig Two" (S4:E11)

    So much happening! The Chirpers have questions about some of it. Much of it we are delighted with. (Mostly Mercedes. Cuz… Mercedes. Also badass Jer-bear.) Things seem weirdly settled at the end, which is making us very nervous about what is going to happen in the season finale. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

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    Earp Chirp February 12, 2022 Wynonna Earp S4:E10
    56 "Life Turned Her That Way" (S4:E10)

    We are left with a humdinger of a cliffhanger in this episode, and we need to start there, at the end. So much happened with a lot of dead (and maybe dead?) characters and the Chirpers are reeling! And we meet possibly the most beautiful demon yet. The real question is do we stop here or do we watch another two episodes?

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp February 12, 2022 Wynonna Earp S4:E9
    55 "Crazy" (S4:E9)

    Chirpers are back and talking about trivia about rats. If we could wish on a Ginny we’d hope for Wynonna Earp to go one forever. We are happy to see the friends back together, showing off their smart brains and street brains. And we discover there are worse things to eat than brains? Or not?

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    Earp Chirp February 12, 2022 Wynonna Earp S4:E8
    54 "Hell Raisin' Good Time" (S4:E8)

    We’ve jumped right into Halloween, and we don’t have our costumes ready. The Chirpers are fans of the return of Jeremy! and Casey! and Robin?! And we know never to trust a scarecrow on Halloween. Beware of pitchforks!

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    Earp Chirp February 12, 2022 Wynonna Earp S4:E7
    53 "Love's All Over" (S4:E7)

    The Chirpers have been love bombed with this episode. There was so much to love from engagement parties, sad Cupid, and Jann Bunny Loblaw Arden. This fun and lighter episode also sets the stage for darker times ahead. But we’re happy to celebrate our return to Chirping!

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    Earp Chirp September 25, 2021 Wynonna Earp S4:E6
    52 "Holy War, Pt. 2" (S4:E6)

    We’re back again! This time mere hours later. The Chirpers couldn’t wait to finish this two-parter. The season 4a conclusion zinged our emotions all over like a pinball machine. With the plotlines mostly wrapped up, we’re curious about where season 4b will take us.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp September 25, 2021 Wynonna Earp S4:E5
    51 "Holy War, Pt. 1" (S4:E5)

    After another long break, the Chirpers are back for a Holy War. Are we ready for a heist? Yes. Always. Also sexy, sketchy, demons. Perhaps less so for vomit and mysterious drowning ceremonies. Will we be able to wait for the second half of this two-parter? Who knows? It will be our cliffhanger.

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    Earp Chirp July 24, 2021 Wynonna Earp S4:E4
    50 "Afraid" (S4:E4)

    Join the Chirpers, who are back together in the podcast studio (aka living room) for their 50th episode! They were glad to have some company watching this episode because it was creepy AF. Chirpers are happiest with Jerbear back and sexual tension between pretty much everyone. Make love not creepy Uncle Ikes.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp March 27, 2021 Wynonna Earp S4:E3
    49 "Look at Them Beans" (S4:E3)

    We’re back in Purgatory! The Chirpers have a lot of questions. Opinions really. Nedley better not be dead. Jeremy better have an explanation. Nicole better be okay. No one is eating Wynonna’s chili, not today Satan! The Chirpers are swooning over new additions Amon and Casey and definitely not swooning over Cleo or Sherriff Holt. All in all our Chirpers might be confused by this time jump, strangely different Purgatory, but they’re in for the ride. They’re always all in.

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    Earp Chirp February 20, 2021 WYNONNA EARP S4:E2
    48 "Friends in Low Places" (S4:E2)

    We’re in the garden and it’s cooooold. But that might be better than being trapped in a lab full of science zombies and friendly lab rats. It’s an exciting escape room of an episode with some important emotional moments that are warming the Chirpers hearts. To say nothing about kisses in the garden and the haughtest stairway scene in, well, EVER. We really don’t know where season 4 is taking us, but so far, we’re loving the ride. We’d tell you that we feel deeply for this show, but you already know that we’re all in.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp February 15, 2021 Wynonna Earp S4:E1
    47 "On the Road Again" (S4:E1)

    The Chirpers are back for season 4. It was a long fight and a long time coming but being back in Purgatory feels SO GOOD! This first episode is full of WTF moments and our heads are spinning already. At least we are keeping them on our shoulders. We are happy to see everyone back in the Ghost River Triangle even if they are all in imminent, constant peril. Buckle up! Let’s do this Earpers.

    Want to see our faces? Watch the live recording of this episode on our Earp Chirp YouTube channel.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp February 8, 2021
    46 Teaser! Chirpers Live Again

    After a hiatus, the Chirpers are returning. And while we are sad that we are cannot record on the comfy couch with all the in-person Eeping and Cheering, we are happy to be virtually together again. Will we catch up with Season 4A before 4B? Maybe. Will we live stream our episodes? Probably. Have we optimistically downloaded a Shorty’s background in case we do? Definitely! See you soon Earpers!

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    Earp Chirp July 23, 2020 Road Trip to Purgatory
    45 Old Timey Road Trip!

    We are in the Big City. Almost. Wooooo!! It’s our lost episode from two years ago when the Chirpers did a road trip to the Calgary area just to watch the Season 3 opener. And then we toured all the Earp sights with a lot of joy and random Canadiana. While we are not able to all Chirp together for Season 4 quite yet, we are taking you on a virtual Earper tour with us. Will we survive? If Kirsten doesn’t chop off Annette’s hand, we should be okay.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp January 18, 2020 Wynonna Earp S4 Anticipation
    44 #EarpSoon

    WE ARE EXCITED! Season 4 of Wynonna Earp is filming, and the Chirpers need to squee about it. And complain about the weather while bragging about surviving the cold. Join us as we discuss the teaser content we’re getting and speculate about the season to come.


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    Earp Chirp September 24, 2019 2019 Live Show - Edmonton Expo
    43 Earp Chirp Live! at Edmonton Expo 2019

    After their own hiatus, the Chirpers do a live panel at the Edmonton Comics and Entertainment Expo! They talk about the #FightForWynonna, #WinForWynonna, and why they think Wynonna Earp is a show worth fighting for.

    And snow. Chirpers always have to talk about real snow.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp March 18, 2019 Wynonna Earp - Fighting for S4
    42 #FightForWynonna

    This very special episode is brought you by the #FightForWynonna. The Chirpers gather on the red couch once again to discuss why Wynonna Earp is such an important show. And we shout out all Earpers, who have created the best fandom in the whole damn world.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp December 26, 2018 Wynonna Earp - 2018 Live Show - Edmonton Expo
    41 Earp Chirp Live! at Edmonton Expo

    Christmas is over, but we have a Boxing Day treat for you all — it’s our long-awaited live show! Back in September, the Chirpers were lucky enough to be in the same room with some fabulous Earpers at Edmonton Expo.

    The panel was a spoiler-light celebration of the action, the drama, the fandom, and yes, the gore of Wynonna Earp from our local Albertan perspective. Many thanks to all the Earpers who attended, and extra thanks to those who got on mic with us to chat about our beloved show! Special thanks to our Crackjack Producer (CJP) Steven, who made sure we sounded good.

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    Earp Chirp December 17, 2018 Wynonna Earp - S3:E6 Commentary
    40 A Very Earpmas Commentary

    It’s a week before Earpmas so it is time for the Chirpers to record a festive commentary for Wynonna Earp’s episode: “If We Make it Through December” (S3:E6). It’s a rollercoaster of emotions because amidst adorable canoodling couples and mistletoe, some things are heading off the rails in the Ghost River Triangle. Join us and pass the nog! Put in some extra cheer!

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp October 5, 2018 Wynonna Earp - Everybody Loves Nedley
    39 Bonus! Everybody Loves Nedley

    We called the last episode “How Nedley got his groove back” for a reason. We already loved Sheriff Nedley/Greg Lawson so hearing the cast and crew singing his praises only makes us love him more. We’re ALL IN for the Wynonna & Nedley show next year. F*#k yeah.

    V.A.M. / vam / noun - value added material

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp September 28, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E12
    38 "War Paint" (S3:E12)

    This season finale changes everything for the Chirpers. Things come full circle, and everyone is almost relieved. Then it all tips off kilter and seeds are planted for next season. Most importantly, Nedley is back in fighting form. Bring on Season 4!

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp September 28, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E11
    37 "Daddy Lessons" (S3:E11)

    F#*!ing Doc! And Julian with proper wings? Annette argues that her “kill list” was right even if she wasn’t completely accurate. The Chirpers are loving that Wynonna is taking care of business and raising a madcap army for the final confrontation with Bulshar. Next episode better have more Jer-Bear though.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp September 21, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E10
    36 "The Other Woman" (S3:E10)

    Kirsten and Annette are seriously distracted by all the Bobo this week. Erika is disturbed by their love of Bobo. Fauxnicole is so. much. fun. What is up with Jer-bear? And why Doc?!?! Annette is very sad that she was right about Charlie. With only two episodes left, the Chirpers are getting ready for season finale.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp September 14, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E9
    35 "Undo It" (S3:E9)

    Wynonna and Doc are trapped in a Bulshar loop of hellish proportions, and Waverly is trapped in a ring. The Chirpers are all in for the return of Bobo and Mercedes. Things are heating up even while all the real Alberta snow is falling. But the real question is WHY won’t anyone go up those stairs?

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp September 7, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E8
    34 "Waiting Forever for You" (S3:E8)

    It’s another episode of crazy mismatched pairings, and it. is. working. The Chirpers are finally processing all their feelings from the last few episodes, and the threads of the season are starting to come together. They got the potato scene (finally!) and it was Erika’s perfect potato scene. The major question is when are we actually going to get a BGD? And Kirsten coins the term “bescruffled”.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp August 31, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E7
    33 "I Fall to Pieces" (S3:E7)

    Are the Chirpers surprised that none of the plot points are wrapped up yet? Yes. They want answers and they want them now. In the meantime, they enjoyed the mis-matched pairings throughout the episode from Doc & Mama, WynHaught, and Waverly & Jer-bear. Bring on the quips and the Canadian pop references.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp August 24, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E6
    32 "If We Make it Through December" (S3:E6)

    The Chirpers may not recover from this episode. Stop kissing the wrong people! Stop being woo’d by vampires! Stop releasing revenants from wells! Required ASAP: Earp family dinner with Christmas crackers and rum and eggnog (hold the eggnog).

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp August 19, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E5
    31 "Jolene" (S3:E5)

    The Chirpers are recording long-distance this episode, and there is so much to digest! Jolene is the dark voice inside our heads trying to pull the team apart, but the Earp women are in fine fighting form, proving that love does outweigh the darkness — even when it comes in the form of sweet, sweet Canadian baked goods.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp August 10, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E4
    30 "No Cure for Crazy" (S3:E4)

    Our favourite shit show is back in high gear! The Chirpers are falling in love with old favourites and new friends. There are so many new threads and enemies and ideas that this conversation is all over the map of the Ghost River Triangle. The only thing the Chirpers know for sure is we are holding our breath until the next episode!

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp August 3, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E3
    29 "Colder Weather" (S3:E3)

    The Chirpers, recording in the midst of a sea of spent Kleenexes, are no longer in denial. Episode 303 is a slower-paced tribute to everyone’s favorite Black Badge Agent while giving some plot teasers about what is to come. Join us in raising a glass of Banana Liqueur. Or Whiskey.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp August 3, 2018 Inside Wynonna Earp - Winds of Change
    28a Earp Chirp Bonus! VAM Bam: "Winds of Change"

    Inside Wynonna Earp for season 3, episode 2, “When You Call My Name”

    V.A.M. / vam / noun - value added material

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    Earp Chirp July 27, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E2
    28 "When You Call My Name" (S3:E2)

    This was a big episode. Mama Earp, at least how Wynonna sees her, is beloved, and everyone wants to see more. There’s a lot of demon-ey action, angst, and too much foreshadowing that some shit was going to happen. The Chirpers are going through the stages of grief, stopping (for now) on denial. We love you Dolls.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 21, 2018 Wynonna Earp - All Over the World
    27b Bonus! All Over the World


    (Oh yeah, and we’re in Calgary and just watched the “All Over the World” bonus feature on iTunes.)

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    Earp Chirp July 20, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3:E1
    27 "Blood Red and Going Down" (S3:E1)

    Season 3, Earpers! It’s finally here, and it does not disappoint. The Chirpers are glamoured by the fast opening scene, the sexy fog, those vampires!? And then Wynonna goes full Buffy with Dolls to save Purgatory. Throw in some Anne of Green Gables gone Orange is the New Black and what wasn’t to love in this new beginning? (If only we’d thought to make all those clever references on the podcast itself!)

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 17, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E12
    26 "I Hope You Dance" (S2:E12)

    Tears. Laughter. Guns. Labour. All the feels and action that the Chirpers want from a Wynonna Earp season finale. Doc and Wynonna are the heart of the episode as they make the hard choices to protect Alice. Just enough threads are wrapped up to be satisfactory while leaving us anxious for Season 3.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 15, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E11
    25 "Gone as a Girl Can Get" (S2:E11)

    It’s an alternate world without Wynonna Earp, and the Chirpers don’t like it — though the Doc and Dolls relationship is warming the cockles of their hearts. They return to Doylist and Watsonian theory to discuss this Wynonna-light episode that is stressing everyone out.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 12, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E10
    24 "I See a Darkness" (S2:E10)

    So many feels throughout this episode! Sometimes there are no good choices, and sometimes people make all the wrong ones. Wynonna and Doc show off some stellar moves, and Nedley proves he is as loyal as we know he is—to humans and to cats. The Chirpers hold on through this intense episode as they race towards the end of season 2.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 10, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E9
    23 "Forever Mine Nevermind" (S2:E9)

    Oh, fudgenuggets! So much awkwardness in this episode in all the character pairings — reaching its peak in the always-dreadful Tucker. Doc and Wynonna have an epic argument with a horrific doll skulking in the background, while Jeremy wins all the hearts — except Dolls’. And the Chirpers debate how to eat KD (mac ‘n’ cheese) Alberta-style and discuss local brewery tours.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 8, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E8
    22 "No Future in the Past" (S2:E8)

    Annette is in her happy place again — not only with the return of the Bobo, but with the added complexity of his character. This trip to the past reveals a lot of backstory and many complicated feelings from all the Chirpers. Erika confesses she did not move to Alberta to fight demons, but the rest of the Chirpers are doubtful.

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    Earp Chirp July 7, 2018 Wynonna Earp S3 Teasers
    21b Bonus! Season 3 Teasers

    We interrupt the Wynonna Earp season 2 reviews to bring you a special bonus (timey-wimey) mini-ep!

    The Chirpers watched several season 3 teaser trailers and are Very Very Excited. So many great moments are coming, and the Chirpers need to share how excited (and baffled) they are.


    They also discuss the Canadian cultural significance of Anne of Green Gables and Jann Arden.

    This mini-ep is slightly out of recording-order. Never fear, Kirsten is all caught up on S2 (or we never would have let her watch the S3 trailers)!

    We then return you to our regularly scheduled season 2 episodes.

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    Earp Chirp July 5, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E7
    21 "Everybody Knows" (S2:E7)

    It’s a girls’/guys’ day out in this humour-laden episode where the main cast bonds together—some more literally than others. Jeremy is wizarding his way into the boys’ club and the Chirpers’ hearts. And drunk-Nicole only becomes more charming. The Chirpers appreciate the return of the revenants even if this means Wynonna may be carrying half-demon spawn.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 3, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E6
    20 "Whiskey Lullaby" (S2:E6)

    The Chirpers are loving this jam-packed episode where so much is happening even though time has stopped. What is up with Doc and Dolls who are toying with Wynonna’s (and the Chirpers’) emotions? At least the sisterly relationship is solid as Wynonna deals with the fallout of an accelerated pregnancy. And Jer’ doesn’t disappoint, even if he’s not a straight shooter.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp July 1, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E5
    19 "Let's Pretend We're Strangers" (S2:E5)

    The Chirpers debate the pros and cons of fun-lovin’, demon-infested Wynonna in this episode, which is awash in blood and gore. They blow the lid off “ratgate” and wonder when the Alberta Rat Task Force will be introduced to replace Black Badge. And what episode is complete without wondering about housekeeping? Whatever you do folks: Don’t Touch the Goo!

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 28, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E4
    18 "She Ain't Right" (S2:E4)

    Waverly and Mercedes may not be right in this episode, but Dragon-Dolls is definitely right. The Chirpers cheer when FINALLY Doc finds a new hat! The season arc seems to be hitting its stride as Waverly’s darker side is coming to the fore in in her first field assignment. Erika and Annette keep sneaking in Doctor Who references. And yes. Tacos ARE tasty.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 26, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E3
    17 "Gonna Getcha Good" (S2:E3)

    Yep. That IS everybody’s thing, Waverly. And cheerleading is followed up by some honest to goodness hockey… or a haunted hockey trophy anyways. The Chirpers hate on Tucker and his embodiment of the worst of men while admiring Wynonna’s friend Perry. The ghostly black spirits take on a more corporeal form, and trouble is most definitely coming.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 24, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E2
    16 "Shed Your Skin" (S2:E2)

    For a moment the Chirpers thought season 2 might be less gross than season 1, but this episode is awash in So. Much. Goo. Kirsten reveals her greatest fear for you all to take advantage of, and the Chirpers discuss the advantages of winter livin’. They lament another Doc and Wynonna fake-out and speculate about what moonshine Doc is cooking up in the basement of Shorty’s.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 21, 2018 Wynonna Earp S2:E1
    15 "Steel Bars and Stone Walls" (S2:E1)

    The season 2 premiere is jammed packed with new characters and non-stop action as our heroes attempt to rescue Dolls. As always, shipping is in abundance and there are plenty o’ fashion discussions. The Chirpers speculate, analyze, and have lots of questions for the new season. Most importantly, is Doc, Doc without his hat?

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 19, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1 VAM
    14 "Inside Wynonna Earp: Season 1 VAM"

    The Chirpers pull back the curtain and watch all the Wynonna Earp Season 1 VAM that is available with your season pass to the show. Squee with them about Dominique Provost-Chalkey’s accent, Shamier Anderson’s hats, and the general love from the cast and crew for Wynonna Earp.

    V.A.M. / vam / noun - value added material

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 17, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E13
    13 "I Walk the Line" (S1:E13)

    Season finale! The Chirpers morn the loss of Bobo just as they are seeing additional depth from their favourite villain. Annette literally drops the mic on Doll’s shirtlessness. The heroes stop the revenant’s evil plan to destroy the town and escape the triangle, but new questions arise: Can they rescue Dolls? What is up with Waverly? Will Doc win Wynonna’s heart? Or is everyone snookered?

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 14, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E12
    12 "House of Memories" (S1:E12)

    Everyone is looking HAUGHT in their tuxes and gowns, even if Bobo can’t leave off the fur. Kirsten sees straight through Willa and predicts an ultimate betrayal. Smooth knife throwing skills save Doc …and yes… he rescues his hat. The Chirpers must work through their complicated feelings about the birth of a love triangle, which means Annette wants to drink all the champagne even if it’s a bad idea.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 12, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E11
    11 "Landslide" (S1:E11)

    Dolls uses his influence to get the world’s fastest DNA results to confirm Eve is indeed the missing Willa. The Chirpers puzzle over the mysterious “dude” who helps the stranded Doc and the sad lack of poker in the Poker Spectacular. Things are coming together, but so many questions remain. Most importantly… what is going to happen to Doc’s hat?

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 10, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E10
    10 "She Wouldn't Be Gone" (S1:E10)

    The Chirpers celebrate masculine pink cars, strong arms, and the growing professional (…and personal?…) chemistry between Wynonna and Dolls as they get lost in the deep dark woods. Kirsten is blindsided by a major plot reveal about cult member Eve, and the Chirpers speculate what this means to Wynonna, Waverly, and even Bobo…

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 8, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E9
    9 "Bury Me With My Guns On" (S1:E9)

    Bobo’s back! And so is the Stone Witch — in a glorious hat. The Seven may be dead, but the plot does not slow down in Purgatory. While Wynonna searches for renewed purpose, the Chirpers celebrate all the lovers coming together this episode. Finally!

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 7, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E8
    8 "Two-Faced Jack" (S1:E8)

    Doc and Dolls are having their own personal fight club while they unite to find Wynonna, and no one is complaining. The Chirpers debate which is worse: living disembowelment or being eaten by a cannibalistic revenant. And Kirsten actually gives Dolls props, even if reluctantly.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 6, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E7
    7 "Walking After Midnight" (S1:E7)

    This episode keeps the Chirpers on the edge of their seats. What will Waverly do with those scissors? Will Dolls ever get to eat a meal with Wynonna? Who is leaving those playing cards? Will Doc get his revenge? If all the tense plot threads aren’t enough, this episode leaves viewers with a super creepy cliff-hanger: Wynonna!

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 5, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E6
    6 "Constant Cravings" (S1:E6)

    There is more talk about PPE and OH&S in this episode than one might expect. That doesn’t protect anyone from flesh-eating revenants though. The Chirpers are enjoying the fight training; however, they are ultimately craving more Doc. Why, Wynonna? Why?

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 4, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E5
    5 "Digging Up Bones" (S1:E5)

    Yeah! They did it! Erika, Annette, and Kirsten celebrate love and shoes and crazy Stone Witches. The heat is up in Purgatory with so much double entendre and flirtation. Dolls isn’t the only one getting sweaty.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 3, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E4
    4 "The Blade" (S1:E4)

    What is going on with Dolls? Will he ever blink? Kirsten is swayed slightly by his softening charms. The Doc Holliday shipping continues as Erika, Annette, and Kirsten wander everywhere trying to capture the creepy, the gross, and the good in this episode.

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 3, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E3
    3 "Leavin' on Your Mind" (S1:E3)

    The gross visuals do not stop in episode 3, and Erika and Annette admit they will probably continue. The co-hosts dissect characters and pick their favourites. Listeners will learn not to trust writers trying to convert kilometres to miles, plus where to travel in the Alberta Badlands! (Yes, we have Badlands.)

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 3, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E2
    2 "Keep the Home Fires Burning" (S1:E2)

    Wynonna goes on her first mission as a Black Badge Agent with Dolls. Annette reveals her pro-Bobo stance. Kirsten is being pulled into the Ghost River Triangle and trying to untangle all the emerging threads while Erika and Annette support her guesses with a lot of mmm hmms. How much will she get right?

  • Earp Chirp cover art
    Earp Chirp June 2, 2018 Wynonna Earp S1:E1
    1 "Purgatory" (S1:E1)

    Welcome to the most Albertan podcast on The Incomparable Podcast Network! Three Edmontonian friends (Erika, Annette, and Kirsten) kick off our swift, couch-based voyage through seasons 1 and 2 of the Alberta-based show, Wynonna Earp. Just in time for the premiere of season 3!

    Kirsten has never seen the show before, and Erika and Annette are anxious to see if she’ll like it enough to continue with the podcast.

    Does she? Listen and find out!