Earp Chirp #31 August 19, 2018
Wynonna Earp S3:E5

“Jolene” (S3:E5)

The Chirpers are recording long-distance this episode, and there is so much to digest! Jolene is the dark voice inside our heads trying to pull the team apart, but the Earp women are in fine fighting form, proving that love does outweigh the darkness — even when it comes in the form of sweet, sweet Canadian baked goods.

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Topics Covered


  • Worldcon San Jose 2018
  • This is where Erika is and why we had to record remotely this week.

  • Nanaimo Bar
  • A Canadian dessert staple

  • Butter Tart
  • Another Canadian standard — just don’t get into an argument about raisins vs no raisins. People get vicious.