Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of Scott McNulty and his weekly guests. Their mission: To explore episodes of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — randomly, one episode at a time.

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“I, Mudd” (TOS) with Monty Ashley


Monty Ashely, Incomparable panelist and Internet writer, joins Scott to talk about The Original Serie’s second Harry Mudd episode: I, Mudd (S2E12). Uniforms, the concept of computers (and if the Star Trek writers have any idea how they work), and Kirk taking the law in his own hands are all discussed.

Scott McNulty with Monty Ashley

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"Indiscretion" (DS9) with John Siracusa


John Siracusa, of ATP and Incomparable note, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Indiscretion (S4E5). Scott explains the deal with Deep Space Nine, John questions the central premise, and some parallels to Star Wars are identified.

The end of this episode features a Random Trek theme song written and performed by listener Adam Sakellarides. Thanks, Adam!


"Phage" (VOY) with David Loehr


David J. Loehr, Incomparable panelist and playwright, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s Phage (S1E5). Neelix’s lungs are stolen, and yet he still talks too much in this episode. Good old Harry Kim scans a wall, and the crew forgets the most important rule: never split the party.


"Remember Me" (TNG) with Jacqui Cheng


Jacqui Cheng, Editor-in-chief of The Wirecutter, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Remember Me (S4E5). In this episode who let Wesley fiddle with the Warp core and why, The Traveller as “Q Light,” and how Dr. Crusher definitely isn’t crazy (despite all the men thinking otherwise).


"Hope and Fear" (VOY) with Brianna Wu


Brianna Wu, Head of Development at Giant Spacekat and one of the hosts of the Isometric Podcast, joins Scott to talk about Voyager’s Hope and Fear (S4E26). Bri explains why Voyager is the best Trek there is, we discuss Harry Kim and his love of bulkheads, and suggest some changes to Voyager’s lax security protocols.


"Timescape" (TNG) with Swoozy Clancey


Swoozy Clancey is a nerdy nurse who has embarked on a journey of watching all of Star Trek: The Next Generation in order. Why not invite her onto Random Trek to talk about a random episode? Luckily for her, the fates were kind and picked a TNG episode: Timescape.

Romulan and temporal anomalies, plus a dash of conference going make this an episode not to miss!


"Collective" (VOY) with Glenn Fleishman


Glenn Fleishman, editor and publisher of The Magazine, host of The New Disruptors (which isn’t a podcast reviewing new Klingon and Romulan weaponry), and tweeter of 14 million tweets, joins Scott to talk about Voyager’s Collective (Spoiler: it features the Borg).

This Voyager episode has it all: card playing, Borg babies, Harry Kim being totally lame, and 7 of 9 getting things done.


"Conspiracy" (TNG) with Michael T. Rose


Michael T. Rose, of TUAW, joins Scott to discuss the first season The Next Generation episode Conspiracy.

Put on your tin foil hat and watch out for Trapper Keepers. Aliens have infiltrated the highest ranks of Starfleet Command and Riker is pretty ok with it.

Will Picard join the clean plate club? Can Starfleet survive is Data is the last man standing? Why are all the elderly Admirals wearing the pajamas? All these questions, and more, are discussed in this episode.


"11:59" (VOY) with Ged Maheux


Ged Maheux, of the Icon Factory and Gedblog, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “11:59”. Why does everyone in the Year 2000 drive cars from the 1970’s? Will they or won’t they? Do we care?

Email everyone in a 100 mile radius because this episode of Voyager is perplexing.


"Errand of Mercy" (TOS) with Erika Ensign


Erika Ensign, frequent Incomparable panelist and Hugo nominated (!) Verity Podcast member, classes up the joint with Scott to discuss the TOS episode Errand of Mercy).

What’s the deal with the blue jumpsuited man Scott is obsessed with? How come every Klingon doesn’t get a sash? And is Captain Kirk a warrior, explorer, lover or all of the above?


"Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" (DS9) with Moisés Chiullan


Moisés Chiullan, Founder/Host of, joins Scott to talk about the very first Deep Space Nine episode on Random Trek: Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places.

Quark loves a Klingon. Worf loves the same Klingon. Oh, and Kira is carrying Miles O’Brien’s baby. Add a few massages and inappropriate remarks from Dr. Bashir and you’ve got yourself an episode of Deep Space Nine.

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