Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of Scott McNulty and his weekly guests. Their mission: To explore episodes of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — randomly, one episode at a time.

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“Initiations” (VOY) with Lisa Maria Martin


Lisa Maria Martin, content strategist and information architect, joins Scott to discuss Initiations (VOY S2E2). This episode is one of those rare gems: a Chakotay centric story. Topics discussed include the deal with Neelix and what it is, Chakotay’s ambiguous tribal associates and fake rituals, and why the Kazon can build starships but can’t find water.

Scott McNulty with Lisa Maria Martin

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“The Measure of a Man” (TNG) with Brett Terpstra


Brett Terpstra, a man of many projects, joins Scott to discuss The Measure of a Man (TNG S2E9).

Such topics as the existence of souls, how to disarm (literally) an android, and how Riker evolves as a character are all touched upon.

Scott McNulty with Brett Terpstra


“Pen Pals” (TNG) with Deborah Stanish


Deborah Stanish, of the Verity Podcast (all about Dr. Who), joins Scott to discuss Pen Pals (TNG S2E15). They ponder the ramifications of the Prime Directive, the Riker School of Management vs. the Picard School of Management, wiping someone's memory without permission, and horse riding.

Scott McNulty with Deborah Stanish


“The Mark of Gideon” (TOS) with Jean MacDonald


Jean MacDonald, founder of App Camp for Girls, joins Scott to talk about “The Mark of Gideon” (TOS S3E17). Overpopulation, cranky Spock, the Gideon’s seeming complete lack of knowledge about how disease works, and the horrible life sucking powers of bureaucracy are all touched upon.

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Scott McNulty with Jean MacDonald


“Who Watches The Watchers” (TNG) with Guy English


Guy English, of Aged and Distilled and Debug, joins Scott to chat about "Who Watches The Watchers" (TNG S3E4). Religion vs. mythology, poor archery skills, Romulans, the ethics of creepily observing developing societies, and who loves the Prime Directive most are all covered during this episode.

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Scott McNulty with Guy English


“Babel” (DS9) with Jamelle Bouie


Jamelle Bouie, staff writer at Slate, joins Scott to talk about Babel (DS9 S1E5). This episode features an aggrieved O’Brien, a poorly emoted Jake, and a goatee-less Sisko. Listen as we talk about why anyone would pay for replicated food, uncomfortable Ferengi characteristics, and how Voyager could have been good.

Scott McNulty


“Where No Man Has Gone Before” (TOS) with Katrina Griffiths


Katrina Griffiths, of the Verity Podcast, joins Scott to discuss the second Star Trek TOS pilot: Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS S1E1 or 3). 60’s contact lenses, Creepy Gary Mitchell transforming into Creepier Gary Mitchell, and the fate of Dr. Dehner are all covered.

Scott McNulty with Katrina Griffiths


“Rivals” (DS9) with Anthony Pascale


Anthony Pascale, the man behind, joins Scott to talk about DS9's "Rivals" (S2E11). Topics include the finer points of space racquet ball, Prince Humperdinck, how pressing a button on an orb makes not a compelling casino game, and what Sisko does when he is alone in his office.

Scott McNulty with Anthony Pascale


“Minefield” (ENT) with Matthew Yglesias


Matthew Yglesias, executive editor of Vox, joins Scott to discuss Minefield (ENT, S2E4). Among the topics discussed include Matt’s crazy Trek lists, why no one on the Enterprise seems capable of doing anything, and what’s the deal with those crazy complicated mines anyway?

Scott McNulty with Matthew Yglesias


“Starship Mine” (TNG) with Jordan Cooper


Jordan Cooper, host of the Tech Douchebags podcast, joins Scott to have some small talk about “Starship Mine” (TNG S6EP18).

We discuss Capt. Picard’s fake horse-riding affinity, Tuvok’s shady past, why Geordi is the only hungry officer, and how to get out of attending a funeral when you’re a Starfleet Captain.

If you enjoyed this episode you might enjoy the episode of Tech Douchebags I was on: The Book Hoarder.

Scott McNulty with Jordan Cooper


“First Contact” (TNG) with Tony Sindelar


Tony Sindelar, the Incomparable and co-DM of Total Party Kill, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s First Contact (S4E15).

Topics include Riker’s total lack of guile, Malcorian facial hair, the naming of planets, alien groupies, and when it is appropriate to beam somewhere.

Scott McNulty with Tony Sindelar

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