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“All Good Things…” (TNG) with Matt Gemmell


Matt Gemmell, writer, joins Scott to talk about “All Good Things…” (TNG SE7E25). Random Trek’s first double length episode marks the final episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” ever, and possibility its best.

Three different timelines, multiple shots of Picard in his jammies, and more cats than you can shake a positronic brain at can all be found in TNG’s finale. As well as some very touching character moments and a fine send off to the Enterprise crew.

The twitter account Matt mentions is tng_s8 (for those of use who can’t accept that the 7th season was the final season).

Scott McNulty with Matt Gemmell

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“Waltz” (DS9) with Marisa McClellan


Marisa McClellan, cookbook author and the writer behind the popular canning blog Food in Jars, joins Scott (to whom she is married) to discuss "Waltz" (DS9S6E11). Gul Dukat and Sisko are stranded on a remote planet. They eat some soup. They fiddle with a beacon. They argue a lot (sometimes with hallucinations). Dukat spirals completely into madness. A light hearted romp of an episode that will leave you asking: will he or won't he... kill all Bajorans.

Scott McNulty with Marisa McClellan


“Evolution” (TNG) with Chip Sudderth


Chip Sudderth, a host of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 and host of the Two Minute Time Lord, joins Scott to talk about Evolution (TNG S3E1). Wesley is front and center in this episode and that isn’t as bad as you might think. Hungry, hungry nanobots, sabermetrics, and the proper collars for Star Fleet uniforms are discussed. You’ll also find out what costume Scott would dress up in if he had to cosplay at a Star Trek convention.

Scott McNulty with Chip Sudderth


“Inheritance” (TNG) with Shannon Sudderth


Shannon Sudderth, a host of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 and frequent Two Minute Time Lord guest, joins Scott to talk about Inheritance (TNG S7E10). Topics include phasering to the candy center of a planet, the future of women in technology, and the realization that even androids can be embarrassed by their mom.

Scott McNulty with Shannon Sudderth


“The Chase” (TNG) with Anže Tomić


Anže Tomić, podcaster and writer, joins Scott to talk about “The Chase” (TNG S6E10). This episode answers the question: why do all Star Trek aliens look a like? And the answer isn’t that great (turns out). We also discuss our favorite Trek movies, if this episode should have been a two parter, and why the Cardassians rock.

Scott McNulty with Anže Tomić


“Darmok” with Christina Warren


Christina Warren, tech analyst, podcaster, and internet maven, joins Scott to talk about “Darmok” (TNG S5E2). Does this episode of TNG live up to the hype? Is Capt. Picard a their? And were did he get his Members Only jacket? All this plus Emoji on this Christmas episode of Random Trek.

Scott McNulty with Christina Warren


“Initiations” (VOY) with Lisa Maria Martin


Lisa Maria Martin, content strategist and information architect, joins Scott to discuss Initiations (VOY S2E2). This episode is one of those rare gems: a Chakotay centric story. Topics discussed include the deal with Neelix and what it is, Chakotay’s ambiguous tribal associates and fake rituals, and why the Kazon can build starships but can’t find water.

Scott McNulty with Lisa Maria Martin


“The Measure of a Man” (TNG) with Brett Terpstra


Brett Terpstra, a man of many projects, joins Scott to discuss The Measure of a Man (TNG S2E9).

Such topics as the existence of souls, how to disarm (literally) an android, and how Riker evolves as a character are all touched upon.

Scott McNulty with Brett Terpstra


“Pen Pals” (TNG) with Deborah Stanish


Deborah Stanish, of the Verity Podcast (all about Dr. Who), joins Scott to discuss Pen Pals (TNG S2E15). They ponder the ramifications of the Prime Directive, the Riker School of Management vs. the Picard School of Management, wiping someone's memory without permission, and horse riding.

Scott McNulty with Deborah Stanish


“The Mark of Gideon” (TOS) with Jean MacDonald


Jean MacDonald, founder of App Camp for Girls, joins Scott to talk about “The Mark of Gideon” (TOS S3E17). Overpopulation, cranky Spock, the Gideon’s seeming complete lack of knowledge about how disease works, and the horrible life sucking powers of bureaucracy are all touched upon.

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Scott McNulty with Jean MacDonald


“Who Watches The Watchers” (TNG) with Guy English


Guy English, of Aged and Distilled and Debug, joins Scott to chat about "Who Watches The Watchers" (TNG S3E4). Religion vs. mythology, poor archery skills, Romulans, the ethics of creepily observing developing societies, and who loves the Prime Directive most are all covered during this episode.

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Scott McNulty with Guy English

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