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The Mummy

Agents of SMOOCH 27: Love in the Female Gaze

We are starting our SMOOCHtacular October with a mummy and a boy with a pretty epic treehouse. It’s time for a Brendan Fraser double feature! In this mission, we look at how *The Mummy *and *George of the Jungle *focus on the female gaze. And not just because both these movies have particularly pretty casts. We head into the jungle and the desert to look search for treasure, battle enemies, woo the handsome hero, and find out why these movies are still enticing us all off on adventures.

Annette Wierstra with Kathy Campbell and Mois├ęs Chiullan

Defocused 98: Look I So Lolcats To Young Eyes?

Where is the Vice Pharaoh during all this?

Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm