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A Wrinkle in Time

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Sophomore Lit 51

A Wrinkle in Time

What happens when you don’t take your clock out of the dryer soon enough? You get A Wrinkle in Time. Matt Skuta returns to discuss tesseracts and bouncing balls.

John McCoy with Matt Skuta


Flying Horse Angel People

We delve into the children’s literary classic “A Wrinkle In Time,” by Madeline L’Engle, as well as its recent graphic-novel adaptation by Hope Larson. Why is there a brain on that table? What are the pros and cons of cooking dinner on a Bunsen burner for the average Super-Cool Science Family? Come for the Cold War allegories about communism, stay to talk religion with a bunch of nerds!

Jason Snell with Lisa Schmeiser, Serenity Caldwell and David J. Loehr