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The Haunting of Hill House

Gena Radcliffe discusses sanity and shuffles in Shirley Jackson’s spookifying The Haunting of Hill House. Happy Halloween!

John McCoy

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The Awakening

Beth Auron discusses why you should never swim less than 20 minutes before reading Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.

John McCoy


Lamb to the Slaughter

If only he’d been a vegetarian. Shannon Campe returns to discuss one of Roald Dahl’s shockers for adults, “Lamb to the Slaughter.”

John McCoy and Shannon Campe


A Wrinkle in Time

What happens when you don’t take your clock out of the dryer soon enough? You get A Wrinkle in Time. Matt Skuta returns to discuss tesseracts and bouncing balls.

John McCoy



Sophmore Lit hits 50 episodes with the return of John Siracusa as we sort the living from The Dead in James Joyce’s Dubliners (1914).

John McCoy with John Siracusa and David J. Loehr



Despite all my rage, I am still just a canary in a cage. Jason Snell returns to discuss San Francisco, steam beer, and gold teeth in Frank Norris’s McTeague. Reading: David Loehr. Theme music: Malcolm Nygard.

John McCoy and Jason Snell


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What’s waiting ‘round the bend, my Huckleberry friend? Jelani Sims helps make sense of the glorious mess that is Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

John McCoy with Jelani Sims


The Handmaid’s Tale

Before the Hulu series that everyone told you you had to watch was the Margaret Atwood novel that everyone told you you had to read. Caroline Fulford returns to discuss dystopias and how to tell your waves of feminism apart.

John McCoy with Caroline Fulford and Erika Ensign


Annie John

Sometimes, a girl just wants to play marbles. Kwame Phillips discusses the Caribbean, doctor fish, and Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John.

John McCoy with Kwame Phillips and Jane Dempsey


Hawthorne tales

Unsightly blemishes! Toxic maidens! David Loehr returns to discuss two short stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Birthmark” and “Rappaccini’s Daughter.”

John McCoy and David J. Loehr


Invisible Man

And you thought your electric bill was nuts. Jane Dempsey returns to discuss Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.

John McCoy with Jane Dempsey

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