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Hudson Hawk (Movie)

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Unjustly Maligned 11: "Hudson Hawk" with Dan Moren

Tech journalist and podcaster Dan Moren joins Antony in a celebration of what may be the ultimate Unjustly Maligned movie, “Hudson Hawk”. It’s so much better than you realize, and they’re going to tell you why.

Antony Johnston with Dan Moren

Not Playing with Lex and Dan 2.5: Hudson Hawkward

You’re Bruce Willis, you’ve made it big with Die Hard, and there’s only one obvious next step: You make a goofily silly vanity project with unlikely musical numbers, James Coburn, and Leonardo da Vinci.

And that project is the 1991 box-office bomb—but cult classic!—Hudson Hawk. Lex, like much of America, hadn’t seen it. And, at Dan’s insistence, Lex did no research of any kind; he had no idea what to expect as he watched it with Dan for the first time. In retrospect, Lex thinks maybe he should have been drunk. At least as drunk as Willis himself must have been when he conceived the film.

Hot topics include whether this is David Caruso’s best role, the perfection of a certain runaway stretcher scene, and how stupid is too stupid for comedy.

Lex Friedman and Dan Moren