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Hamilton: The Revolution (The Hamiltome) (Book)

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Pod4Ham 37b: Consulting the Hamiltome

A bonus discussion from the middle of the recording of our “Reynolds Pamphlet” episode.

David J. Loehr with , Jaleh Fazelian, Deborah Stanish and Shannon Sudderth

Pod4Ham 31: Follow the Money and See Where it Goes

Jefferson, Madison, and Burr resent Hamilton’s relationship with the president and vow to find a way to disgrace him.

Shannon Sudderth with Christina Grace, Casey Barber and Elissa Goetschius

Pod4Ham 28: How the Sausage Gets Made

Hamilton, Madison, and Jefferson plot the future of the United States as Aaron Burr looks on from the outside.

Serenity Caldwell with Kamille Washington, Alison Baker and Michael B. Johnson

Pod4Ham 27: Nobody Needs to Know

Alexander Hamilton’s alone in New York. Maria Reynolds is there, too. And when they meet, Hamilton’s future begins to unravel.

David J. Loehr with Sophie Brookover, Tara Anderson and Christina Grace