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Ghostbusters (Movie)

Defocused 20: That's Not a S'more

Dan explains ectoplasmic bayer filtering and anamorphic apparitions. Joe saves the day with a straw and a lid.

Ghostbusters (1984).

Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm

The Incomparable 64: Ghosts Cause Cancer

When you want to get in the Halloween spirit, who you gonna call? Join us in celebrating 1984’s supernatural comedy classic, “Ghostbusters.” Are ghosts a serious environmental hazard requiring the intervention of the EPA? Why do the Ghostbusters transform from college professors into blue-collar plumbers when they put on their jump suits? Is Roasted Terror Dog with Human Nougat the worst candy ever devised? And which one of our panelists attended a cat-themed bat mitzvah in the same ballroom destroyed by the Ghostbusters?

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, Serenity Caldwell and Ben Boychuk