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Voyager Revisited #3 April 19, 2019
Voyager Revisited, Seven of Nine

You Can’t Underestimate Seven

Game developer, podcaster, and Democratic candidate for Congress Brianna Wu is our guest. Brianna has been my idol in her dedication to Voyager, so it was such a thrill to have her on as a guest on the show.

Brianna is a huge admirer of our favorite de-assimilated Borg, Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, or as we call her, Seven. She makes a compelling case for Seven as a lens through which to view humanity’s qualities.

Our homework assignment, chosen by Brianna, was Equinox, the two-part episode from the end of Season 5/beginning of Season 6. It’s one of the most powerful episodes in Star Trek, and gives Seven a chance to demonstrate her commitment to her new-found humanity.

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Bosch, a series starring Titus Welliver, who was first officer on the Equinox

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