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    Biff! August 31, 2022
    153 She-Hulk S1E2: "Superhuman Law"

    She-Hulk gets fired from her gig in the DA’s office but through the magic of montage finds herself quickly re-hired at the Law Offices of GLK/H. Unfortunately they seem to want to staff her primarily because she’s a HULK. Worse, her first client is Emile Blonsky AKA The Abomination. Then in our sweep segment John and Guy discuss:

    Larry Wilmore’s interview with She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao

    Thunderbird T-Shirt

    Jordan Elsass’ exit from Superman & Lois

    The cancellation of Batman: Caped Crusader and rumours that Matt Shakman will be directing the Fantastic Four movie.

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    Biff! February 10, 2022 Superman & Lois, Season 2, Episodes 1-4
    126 Superman & Lois S2E1-4

    Taking a break from our regularly scheduled coverage, we take this opportunity to discuss the second season of Superman & Lois thus far. Hot topics include whether there’s another villainous shoe to drop, why the DoD is a jerk to Superman, and what we can all learn from a little family drama.

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    Biff! June 1, 2021 Superman & Lois
    93 Superman & Lois Revisited

    While the Legends have the week off, the crew convenes to discuss the first season of Superman & Lois thus far. We talk about letting Superman fail on the regular (without the world being at stake), realistic family dynamics, and a surprising mid-season twist.

    To get your question discussed on the show, email us at biff@theincomparable.com or find us on Twitter.

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    Biff! March 16, 2021 Superman & Lois
    82 Superman & Lois

    With a brief window between Marvel series on Disney+, we convene for a high-level discussion about the first three episodes of the CW’s Superman & Lois. We discuss overbuilt suits, conflicts you can’t punch your way out of, and saving people. (Very light spoilers for Superman & Lois as well as some wrap-up WandaVision thoughts.)

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    694 Superman & Lois S1E1 Review: "Pilot"

    During Supergirl’s hiatus, the Supergirl Supercast takes a small dip into the “Pilot” of Superman & Lois!

    We Discuss:

    • how this show does/doesn’t fit into the CW;
    • how little Lois has to do;
    • the CW Drama;
    • speculating about all the big baddies, and
    • our general feels about the show.

    Edited by Trish Matson