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    Biff! December 18, 2019 Walled gardens vs. gold in the mud
    27 Giant-Size Superhero Sweep #2

    As we prepare for our winter hiatus, the Super Squad is back with another Giant-Size Superhero Sweep episode. We kick off by discussing the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, then discuss the divergence of DC and Marvel’s approaches to telling stories in their cinematic universes. Then, it’s a brief foray into the upcoming Stargirl show, and the end of the the Marvel Television universe. Finally, a thought-provoking letter about real-life superheroes.

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    TeeVee October 9, 2016 Luke Cage Season 1, Episode 1-3
    197 Luke Cage Rewind: Episodes 1-3


    The Harlem ruckus has begun and Luke Cage is at the center of it. James, Tony and Moze work on unpacking this Marvel property that so far has not disappointed. Join us as we cover the first three episodes of this powerful new series.