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  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! January 16, 2023
    166 Dan's Report Card

    We’re back after a holiday break to chat about what Dan has been watching. On his list are Pennyworth colon The Origin Of The Butler To The Batman, Stargirl Season 3, and Black Adam.

  • Watchers of the Plus cover art
    Watchers of the Plus November 8, 2022
    28 Biff that Black Adam in the Peripheral

    Can’t lie, this is a machine gun episode of the streams we have seen. Sam throws a wrench at Moze from NOLA. Moze has been building models which has slowed his intake of consumables. Moze is very drunk and excited about a totally new show on Amazon. PS Moze freaked out over Daredevil…

  • Watchers of the Plus cover art
    Watchers of the Plus August 24, 2022
    27 When Pounding Sand for Prey, Make Sure Your History is Correct

    It is time for getting deep into many stories starting and closing. Sam and Moze blast through the shows that have excited us. Moze shows his toxic nature by pushing against the notion that Native American history should not be changed even when it involves predatory fictional aliens. Lock in and fire this Vulcan cannon of content.