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    Biff!April 14, 2022Moon Knight, Episode 3
    134 Moon Knight E3: "The Friendly Type"

    We’re off to Egypt for this overstuffed episode of Moon Knight, where special guest Tony Sindelar joins Dan Moren and Guy English to discuss bad trial decisions, evaluate weird choices in collecting antiquities, and take a quick trip to Conspiracy Corner about a mysterious third personality. Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we get Tony’s opinions about Peacemaker and briefly talk about Pixar’s latest, Turning Red.

    Moon Knight, Episode 3

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    Biff!March 10, 2022Peacemaker, Season 1
    130 Peacemaker, Season 1

    Do you really want to taste it? We convene to discuss HBOMax’s Peacemaker, a spin-off of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Hot topics include redeeming sociopaths, walking the line between offensive and insightful, and surprising heart. Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we briefly discuss the upcoming Moon Knight show and one of us has seen The Batman.

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    Watchers of the PlusFebruary 28, 2022
    22 Make Peace, Not Fett


    Hey everyone no point in putting sugar on this, this is a NSFW hot cast. If you have a brittle constitution, just delete and no hard feelings. If you loved Mr. Fett goes to Tattooine you may not like what we say or how we say it.
    If you were not a fan John Cena battling butterflies you are going to have a hard time choking down your drink. Moze and Sam have not gotten this rough on wax in a long time.

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    Watchers of the PlusJanuary 26, 2022
    21 Sprinkle the Holland Booster Rockets

    Zowie Wowie, it is a loaded episode of speculation and review. Moze and Sam take a hard look at how DCEU might be eating the lunch of the MCEU. They take a deep dive into the “Cena Verse” and make peace with it. Moze explains why, of all things, a lantern of emerald somehow made it into his viewing schedule.

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    Watchers of the PlusDecember 13, 2021
    19 Arrow to the Ghosts

    Time for the guys to intervene and dam the stream for a moment. They take aim at that Marvel arrow show, people missing in space, and spectral exterminations. Moze also continues to hamper Sam’s train of thought with the magic soundboard.