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    Agents of SMOOCH September 24, 2021 Incomprehensible Commentary: Fifty Shades of Grey
    66 We're Porn Friends Now

    Did anyone ask for this? NO! But we did it anyway, first just for our members and now we release it to all our listeners. After we watched all the Twilight movies together, we had to do the Twilight FanFic come 50 Shades of Grey. This is definitely an NSFW and not safe for little ears episode of drinking, giggling, and entertaining each other when the movie fails to. There was pre-drinking. There will be much disdain. No one will actually know what is happening but when do we?

    Are we sorry we did this? Maybe.

    Will we do the rest of the movies? No. Not even for you, dear listeners.

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    Agents of SMOOCH September 18, 2020 Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review
    26 Two Robots Crying on Cue

    Mix two hot actors, a sexy red room, and a lot of sex and nudity, and you’d think you’d have sexy movie magic. But our Agents find the movie Fifty Shades of Grey lacking in chemistry and rather mechanical. We bring a new Agent with kink expertise on this mission to help us discuss our feelings about the book series, movie, and what we wish it could be. What do we want? More fun and humour and joy in the film’s portrayal of sex and romance. And montages. Sexy, sexy montages. The real question is: Can we do a Moises style mini-series and make it good?
    Warning! This is episode is marked explicit just so Agent Moises can properly express the depth of his feelings. We also are talking about sex, consent, and kink, a lot.