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    Watchers of the Plus August 24, 2022
    27 When Pounding Sand for Prey, Make Sure Your History is Correct

    It is time for getting deep into many stories starting and closing. Sam and Moze blast through the shows that have excited us. Moze shows his toxic nature by pushing against the notion that Native American history should not be changed even when it involves predatory fictional aliens. Lock in and fire this Vulcan cannon of content.

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    Biff! February 12, 2020 Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, Episode 3
    32 Legends of Tomorrow S5E3: "Slay Anything"

    It’s prom night in the 2000s and the ’80s this week, as we recap a Legends of Tomorrow episode that pays homage to classic horror movies. We discuss automatic trope subversion, the characters you can’t help but love, and the sheer delight that Ray Palmer takes in crudités. Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we discuss our glimpses of the upcoming Marvel series on Disney+, as well as brief discussions of DC’s Shazam! and Birds of Prey. Then, in our Letters Page, a last goodbye to Arrow and some thoughts on its potential spinoff.

    Lian Yu will live forever in our hearts, so why not get a commemorative t-shirt?

    Legends of Tomorrow, Season 5, Episode 3

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