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    Not Playing with Lex and Dan June 1, 2018 Goldfinger
    4.1 Goldfinger

    Four. Season four.

    Not Playing is back, and this time around we’re delving into a fifty-plus year franchise with its fair share of fans and detractors: James Bond. We’ll be picking the best entry from the tenure of each actor to play the legendary secret agent.

    To kick it off, we’ll be starting with perhaps the most iconic movie in the franchise: 1964’s Goldfinger, starring future Russian submarine captain Sean Connery.

    Hot topics include something familiar about the personage of our villain, just how long it takes to paint someone to death, and, the relative wokeness of the James Bond franchise. (Spoiler: Not very.)

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    Defocused October 1, 2014 Goldfinger
    16 Step 1: Atomic Bomb

    Former volcano owner and current World’s Greatest CEO Matt Alexander joins us to talk about tearaway trousers, reclaimed wood, what to do when planes fly overhead, what ingredients may or may not be in KFC’s “chicken”, and, of course, Goldfinger (1964).