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The Draft

Myke is joined by Callum Hurley to dicuss what happened at the WWED Draft, and its implications on the whole roster. He is then joined by Dave Tach to discuss more cWc action!

Myke Hurley with Callum Hurley and Dave Tach

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A Strong (Style) Start

On the first episode of The Ring Post, Myke is joined by Dave Tach to discuss Nakamura vs. Balor, and the opening bout of the Cruiserweight Classic. Henry T. Casey then joins the show to discuss the upcoming WWE Draft.

Myke Hurley with Dave Tach and Henry T. Casey



Episode 1 of The Ring Post is coming your way on July 15th.

But for now, find out a little more about the show, and how you can get involved.

Myke Hurley

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