Rorschach Reigns

Briefcase controversy and tag team breakups.


There’s a Lot of Wrestling



I Hurt When He Hurts

Doing Good Lucha Thingsโ„ข.



Say what?


All Shook Up

The superstar shakeup has come and gone, it’s time to analyse the fallout.


Dodged the Bullet Bill

Wrestlemania week. Is it more wrestling than you can handle?


Wrestlemania Preview

Oh, Oh, Wrestlemania / Yeah This Is Our Life / (Pump It up, Pump It up)


I Want That Replica Belt

A review of the WWE UK Championship Tournament and this week’s edition of RAW. We also take a look ahead to the Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover San Antonio.


The Best of 2016

Myke, Henry, and Dave get together to discuss their favourite wrestling moments of 2016.


Lack of Care

Myke is joined by Henry to talk about a strong week on NXT, and to take a look at WWE 2K17.


The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Myke is joined by Dave to discuss the current goings-on in NXT, and to take a look at the 16 teams competing in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.


Evolving the Cruiserweights

Myke is joined by Dave to discuss the final of the Cruiserweight Classic, before being joined by Henry to discuss the effect EVOLVE has had on the WWE.


The Kevin Owens Show

Myke is joined by Dave Tach to discuss Kevin Owen’s first RAW as Universal Champion, the return of Sasha Banks, Roman Reins’ current position, and the effect the CWC is having on the WWE.


It’s a New Era

Myke is joined by Henry to discuss his heartbreak over Finn Balor’s injury, Kevin Owens winning the Universal Championship, and to break down the action of Smackdown Live.


A Weekend in Brooklyn

Myke is joined by Henry to discuss a huge weekend of wrestling, live from Brooklyn. They give their reactions and thoughts on NXT Takeover, Summerslam, and Evolve 67.


Brooklyn Preview

This week Myke is joined by Henry to give their thoughts on the upcoming weekend of wrestling emanating from Brooklyn, New York.


Powerbomb Lungblower!

Myke starts off the show by focusing on the twists and turns of this week’s NXT, before Henry joins him to discuss some of the big trends and moments of RAW and Smackdown Live. Finally, Dave and Myke get to discuss the incredible culmination of the first round of the Cruiserweight Classic.


Post-Draft WWE

Myke is joined by Henry Casey to discuss the first RAW and Smackdown Live of the ‘New Era’, and to give their thoughts on Battleground. Dave Tach then shares his experience as someone who attended RAW this week, before they discuss this week’s Cruiserweight Classic.


The Draft

Myke is joined by Callum Hurley to dicuss what happened at the WWED Draft, and its implications on the whole roster. He is then joined by Dave Tach to discuss more cWc action!


A Strong (Style) Start

On the first episode of The Ring Post, Myke is joined by Dave Tach to discuss Nakamura vs. Balor, and the opening bout of the Cruiserweight Classic. Henry T. Casey then joins the show to discuss the upcoming WWE Draft.



Episode 1 of The Ring Post is coming your way on July 15th.

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