Bonus Track #204b July 28, 2014
Beer and Greg’s mid-life crisis.

The Second Comic-Con Episode

Jason, Steve, and Greg are back. Last year they made a podcast outside while drinking beer in San Diego County right after San Diego Comic-Con, and they did it again this past weekend. They’re joined by past Incomparable panelist David Sparks, Incomparable listener Andrew Laurence, and Incomparable non-listener Marshall Clow.

Topics include what happens when the Internet reveals that you are not a unique snowflake but instead there’s always someone cooler (or geekier) than you. Your uniqueness is not web scalable! Turns Out.

Incomparable Beer II

This was recorded live, outside, at Plan 9 Alehouse in Escondido, California. It sounds like it does because it was noisy and we only had three microphones. We sound like we do because we were drinking beer and eating dinner. At one point Jason becomes a DJ while Elton John plays in the background. We recommend you drink something while listening to this episode, alcoholic or not. Cheers!

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