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    Sorkin' In It June 14, 2024
    3.13 The Harriet Dinner (Studio 60 Episode 13)

    The Harriet Dinner is the thirteenth episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It’s an episode. It’s not a great one.

    Danny and Jordan are locked on a roof. Cal is locked in a battle with animals. Harriet and Matt are locking horns. And it’s an absolute lock that this episode isn’t going to be our favorite. (Even though we love Cal. He’s great.)

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    Sorkin' In It June 7, 2024
    3.12 Monday (Studio 60 Episode 12)

    When the going gets tough, the tough name their episodes after days of the week. In “Monday”, Jordan’s dealing with multiple difficult humans — among them Danny and a newly-hired mean girl who heads up reality programming. Jack goes to a concert to enlist the help of our pal Zhang. Darius and Sim start a fight. And Tom pursues Lucy, because this show sometimes has more drama than the reality shows it pans.

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    Sorkin' In It May 30, 2024
    3.11 The Christmas Show (Studio 60 Episode 11)

    No one has more Christmas spirit than Matt and - and he’s Jewish. Danny is joining Jordan at the obstetrician, and it only gets weirder. Harriet gets a movie… And also maybe love interest? Oh, and Simon and Tom are there, but not for any good reason. From that description you make think we didn’t like this episode, but you’d be surprised! Find out in this brand new episode of Sorkin’ In It.

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    Sorkin' In It May 24, 2024
    3.10 B-12 (Studio 60 Episode 10)

    Too many butts. Not enough funny jokes. Still pretty good?

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    Sorkin' In It May 17, 2024
    3.9 The Option Period (Studio 60 Episode 9)

    Ricky and Ron are closing a deal with Fox for “Peripheral Vision Man”; and ironically, Matt gives them some side-eye about it. Meanwhile, Harriet’s contemplating posing for pictures in her underwear, which we suppose beats posing for pictures in someone ELSE’s underwear. Jordan needs Danny to make some cuts, Danny warns Jordan her job is in danger, and boy, we’re hungry for a Snickers. No reason. Except that we’re Sorkin’ In It.

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    Sorkin' In It May 3, 2024
    3.8 Nevada Day, Part 2 (Studio 60 Episode 8)

    Nevada Day Part 1 defied our expectations… which meant we got our hopes up for Nevada Day Part 2. Will the light mix of casual homophobia, causal racism, and heavy belief beggaring win us over this time around? Or will we find more joy in discussing the correct pronunciation of Nevada? At least Lex has Brian, and Brian has Lex. And you’ve got both of us. Join us: We’re Sorkin’ In It together.

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    Sorkin' In It April 26, 2024
    3.7 Nevada Day, Part 1 (Studio 60 Episode 7)

    Uh oh. It’s the Nevada episode. This is the one Lex was worried about before he and Brian started rewatching Studio 60. And it’s the first half of a two parter.

    But… maybe it wasn’t as bad as Lex remembered? It has John Goodman. It has time travel storytelling. How bad could it be?

    Only way to find out? Start Sorkin’ in it.

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    Sorkin' In It April 19, 2024
    3.6 The Wrap Party (Studio 60 Episode 6)

    In this episode, we discuss “The Wrap Party,” a Studio 60 episode that certainly exists in our timeline. Things happen! For example, an old guy wanders into the studio. Matt and Sim go clubbing, sort of. Jordan tries to make friends. Listen, we’re still absolutely enjoying Studio 60, and we’re having plenty of fun chatting about it, but this episode doesn’t make our top 10 list so far. That’s ok! You’re in good hands with your ol’ pals Lex and Brian. Let’s do what we do best, and that’s go Sorkin’ In It.

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    Sorkin' In It April 12, 2024
    3.5 The Long Lead Story (Studio 60 Episode 5)

    Lauren Graham hosts Studio 60 (but we barely see her). Christine Lahti plays a reporter and we see more of her (a Lahti of her? Is that a thing?). We get a lot of Matt/Harriet star-crossed romance (yawn). But we do get a lotta lute (which is fun to say, try it!).

    Meanwhile Jordan passes on a surefire hit, and we’re still shipping her and Danny (the kids still call it shipping, right?).

    Anyway, it’s a new Sorkin’ In It (yay!).

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    Sorkin' In It April 5, 2024
    3.4 The West Coast Delay (Studio 60 Episode 4)

    Oh no! Studio 60 stole a joke, and now they have to break in LIVE to the west coast’s rebroadcast to cut that joke. Because that makes sense. Okay, okay, it doesn’t make sense. Meanwhile, Harriet gives Matt a gift that drives him batty, and we meat a new character — a reporter played by Christine Lahti, who knows how to push Matt and Danny’s buttons. (It involves buttons.)

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    Sorkin' In It March 29, 2024
    3.3 The Focus Group (Studio 60 Episode 3)

    We don’t subject this podcast to a focus group, because we already know we’re doing everything perfectly. This episode of Studio 60 takes us deep backstage for writing and rehearsing an episode of the show within a show. Ricky and Ron are in maximum jerk mode. There’s pressure on Jordan and the show not to lose many viewers from last week. And there’s other Jordan drama that’s totally unnecessary. But you know what IS necessary? This episode of Sorkin’ In It.

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    Sorkin' In It March 22, 2024
    3.2 The Cold Open (Studio 60 Episode 2)

    If you’ve been thinking that this podcast needs more choir robes and Phil Donahue jokes, then boy oh boy are you in luck! Lex and Brian are back, covering Episode 2 of Studio 60, “The Cold Open”, which feels very much like a part 2 of the Pilot. Matt battles writer’s block until inspiration strikes him. Perhaps it should have struck him harder? Grab your local philharmonic, warm up your singing voice — it’s time for Sorkin’ In It.

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    Sorkin' In It March 14, 2024
    3.1 Pilot (Studio 60 Episode 1)

    We survived The Newsroom. Will Studio 60 be better, worse, or just… different?The only way to find out is to dive into the pilot episode, cleverly titled “Pilot.” Let’s meet new characters! Let’s meet old Sorkin friends — and names! Let’s debate Sorkin tropes! Live from Hollywood, it’s the new season of Sorkin’ In It.

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    Sorkin' In It March 8, 2024
    3.0 Season 3: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

    It’s Studio 60 time! Now that our coverage of The Newsroom is done, you may find yourself experiencing new feelings you’ve never had before. Sadness. Grief. Elation. Relief. But we hope you also feel eager anticipation about what’s ahead. And what is that you may ask? For Season 3, Lex and Brian are covering Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It’s a show about a show. Imagine that! Episode one comes out next week, and here’s the preview. Or trailer. Or kickoff. You know what? Here’s where we tell you everything we think about Studio 60 before we start watching!