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    Sorkin' In It September 20, 2023
    2.3 The 112th Congress (The Newsroom S1E3)

    Fire up your fax machine, because this episode of The Newsroom offers all the ingredients of a classic Sorkin show, with multiple plot lines, jumping forward and back in time, grandiose speeches, and Sorkinisms like “Can we have the room please?” But, does it hold together? Your pals Lex and Brian decide if it’s time to BLEEP around or just play golf in another episode of Sorkin’ in It.

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    Sorkin' In It September 13, 2023
    2.2 News Night 2.0 (The Newsroom S1E2)

    Lex and Brian were excited to dive into the second episode of The Newsroom, News Night 2.0. Fresh off the high of their successes in Episode 1, now Will’s team drops the ball a few times with some pretty predictable gaffes — but we also get meet a few new interesting characters. Is News Night 2.0 2 much 2 soon? Let Brian and Lex tell you.