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    Biff! July 31, 2023
    182 Secret Invasion S1E6 - Home

    We click the heels of our ruby slippers together and chant, in unison, “there’s no place like home” as we cover the final episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

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    Biff! July 24, 2023
    181 Secret Invasion S1E5 - Harvest

    After the failed assault on the American President’s motorcade Fury whisks Ritson off to hospital while Gravik faces a revolt at home. Join us as we delight in Olivia Colman, take a few odd turns, and dig in on this penultimate episode of Secret Invasion.

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    Biff! July 17, 2023
    180 Secret Invasion S1E4 - Beloved

    Turns out to be a show best enjoyed as a love story. This week the pace picks up and we get a few terrific scenes, feel a little let down, but broadly enjoy sinking our pointy little teeth into an episode that divides our happy little gang.

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    Biff! July 10, 2023
    179 Secret invasion S1E3 - Betrayed

    It’s space-eggs for breakfast as we kick this week off with a brief visit to the C.I.A. (the food one, not the spy one). After Dan rights the ship we’re off to sea with a submarine vs. plane conspiracy so tangled you’d better have packed a diver’s knife. Also, dogs — good boys or not? Our characters take surprising positions!

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    Biff! July 3, 2023
    178 Secret Invasion S1E2 - Promises

    Someone’s got a secret! Pretty much everyone has a secret, to be honest. This week we’re back to cover the second episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion. Join us as we play the thrillling game of Script or Skrull!?