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    Biff! July 2, 2019 Agents of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 7
    6 Agents of SHIELD S6E7: "Toldja"

    Get ready to breathe some fire and freeze some…aliens? This week, we discuss the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Important topics include why locking up two bad guys together is a bad idea, the simple pleasures of being a baker, and how for once somebody really does seem like two sides of the same coin.

    Then in our Superhero Sweep segment, Dan’s been watching the third season of Young Justice while John and Guy have been working their way through Doom Patrol. Then, on the Letters Page, we address news of a Sandman Netflix show with mixed feelings.

    Don’t forget you can clothe yourself in the finest apparel on offer anywhere today.

    Agents of SHIELD, Season 6, Episode 7

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