A podcast in which we tell you about a book we just finished, and what we thought of it.


“The Man on the Street” by Trevor Wood

Antony recommends a crime novel that’s already won multiple awards, and which he considers one of the most accomplished debuts he’s read.

Antony Johnston

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“Blade Reforged” by Kelly McCullough

Erika continues enjoying her reread of the Fallen Blade series. And Blade Reforged is a good jumping-on point!

Erika Ensign


The Nightshades Series by Melissa F. Olson

Sometimes entertaining escapism means three short, bloody books about vampires.

Erika Ensign


“Fireheart Tiger” by Aliette de Bodard

A beautifully written, complicated queer romance … plus politics … plus a fire elemental.

Erika Ensign


“Tea and Sympathetic Magic” by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Who would want to jockey against a sea of debutantes to win a marriage to a Duke when there’s a library full of books to be read and plenty of good tea to drink?

Erika Ensign


“Brightfall” by Jaime Lee Moyer

A post-myth Robin Hood tale that is at turns sad, dark, frightening, and eventually hopeful. With fae and dragons!

Erika Ensign


“The Galaxy, and the Ground Within” by Becky Chambers

It’s a book in which nothing much happens, just a bunch of aliens sitting around waiting for the sky to clear. And yet Becky Chambers works her magic on it, and makes it memorable and moving. What a magic trick.

Jason Snell


“Slow Horses” by Mick Herron

In anticipation of the upcoming Apple TV+ show, Antony recommends a spy series quite unlike any other.

Antony Johnston


“Broken Blade” by Kelly McCullough

Erika revisits an old favourite and discovers it’s even better the second time!

Erika Ensign


“Guns of the Dawn” by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Erika enjoyed a regency-style fantasy novel about war! Who woulda thunk it?

Erika Ensign


“Beneath the Rising” by Premee Mohamed

This book is (partially) set in Edmonton, which is exciting for Erika. It’s about monsters and friendship and what monsters can do to friendship.

Erika Ensign

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