Incomparable Radio Theater #2.4 January 10, 2018
Full Fathom Five: “The Lens of Navarrone”

A Mysterious Place Filled With Wonders

This week in technothrills, a science team at the South Pole experimenting with new food sources finds something has gone horribly wrong. Naturally, the call goes out for Pip Morgan and the Full Fathom Five, the undersea adventurers and international rescue team. Can they solve the mystery of what happened to the missing scientists before they turn up missing themselves? Join Pip, Jake, the Cochran Twins, and Professor Alatriste on their most dangerous adventure yet!

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Show Notes

Written by David J. Loehr

Edited by Jason Snell

Directed by Serenity Caldwell

Original music by Christopher Breen

  • Kate Glasheen as Pip
  • Steve Lutz as Jake
  • John Siracusa as Alan
  • Sarah Barbour as Gwen
  • Andy Ihnatko as Prof. Alatriste
  • Leo Laporte as Dr. Pryce
  • Amy Wratchford as Capt. Goodman
  • Brian Hamilton as Walkman
  • Joe Rosensteel as John
  • Mikah Sargent as Marshall

with Jason Snell, David J. Loehr, and Chip Sudderth as your announcers