Beginner's Puck #9 May 13, 2017
Round 3 Black Aces

Tale of Two Cities

There were a few dark days when Erika was v. sad and Deb broke up with hockey, but we’ve rallied and are back to talk about the heartbreak of Round 2 and the miles that separate the narratives of the Oilers and Capitals.

We also touch on what’s happening the Men’s World Championship, France’s Cinderella story, and how the Flyers’ players can’t stop punching Captain Claude Giroux. And sure, Ben Bishop’s signing with the Dallas Stars is fun, but not as much fun as the convoluted way that Dallas gained a second first round pick. (Hint: Math and Magic.)

In a SUPER RARE “What The Puck” and “#OldHockey” crossover we explain both the use and history of the term “Black Aces”.

Finally, Erika closes out the show with a warm and fuzzy hockey tidbit: the handshake line.

How are you surviving the playoffs, fam? Find us on Twitter and let us know your coping strategies.

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