Beginner's Puck #6 April 22, 2017


It’s an Over The Top Over Time episode of Beginner’s Puck! Your hosts are in the middle of a hockey playoff fever dream where, despite a slight oil spill, Erika is still riding high on her beloved Edmonton Oiler’s playoff run while Deb finds her allegiance shifting from the Caps to Team Chaos.

The latest announcements from the USA and Men’s National Teams are discussed as well as the latest in the post-season Coach (and GM!) go-round.

And, finally, in “What The Puck?” the ever-changing, wild and baffling “regular season” vs. “playoff season” overtime rules are explained.

Are the bounces going your way, fam? Remember, whatever happens, they’re good hockey boys. And if you have any hockey newbie questions remember, we’re here for you. Drop us a line or a tweet and let us know what you think!

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