Beginner's Puck #5 April 13, 2017
Playoffs and Windows

Closing Doors, Opening Windows

It’s a super-sized episode for super-sized hockey. Yes, we are entering that golden time known as “The Playoffs”. Erika gives us a peek into what it’s like in the Land of the Orange Crush while Deb decides to whom she will pledge her playoff troth.

Despite everyone’s focus on the blessed 16, the hockey world is still spinning. Heads were rolling on teams that didn’t make the cut, staffing for Worlds is heating up and we discuss the importance of a good announcer.

In “What the Puck?” we talk about The Window: what it is, whose is opening and whose is closing.

And, of course, Deb and Erika review their playoff brackets.

Who do you have taking the Cup? Do you have a favorite radio and/or television announcer? Drop us a comment or tweet and let us know!

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