Beginner's Puck #34 January 29, 2019

All-Star Puppies and Real Time Stats

Thank all that is holy, hockey is back. Sure, the ASG break is fun for SOME of us (I’m looking at you, people in Canada, who had the GOOD All-Star Weekend broadcast) but the rest of us had to suffer through the not-fun bits to see our old faves and new faves including Kendall Coyne and Brianna Decker who Tore. It. Up. Deb & Erika break down the highlights and lowlights of All-Star Weekend and the resource disparity between men and women’s pro hockey, starting from development. We also touch on the new razzle-dazzle technology the NHL launching next year and the possible impact it will have on the league. We close our regular segment with the Muzzin trade and why it is a good thing (In Deb’s opinion).

In this episode’s “What the Puck” we talk about the importance of scouting and why having depth in your organization is critical.

Finally, we close on an adorable hockey tidbit: Hockey Puppers.

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