Beginner's Puck #33 January 22, 2019
Rush, Odd Man and Offensive

Rushin’ to the Trade Deadline

We’re back from our (very extended) holiday hiatus and wow, life moves fast. Like, what the hell is up in Edmonton? Erika gives us the local perspective while Deb listens sympathetically. (Chiarelli, amirite?) We also talk about trade-deadline madness, the financial impact of making the playoffs and why can’t the ASG be fun? (We need a Storm Surge!) Speaking of surges - we touch on the unexpected Islanders and how delicious an Islanders/Maple Leaf playoff game would be. (Bitterness and spite - don’t discount these important motivators) Finally, we wrap up the regular segment with a bit of “weird and cute”. Weird being Jack Eichels incredibly detailed game day routine (#TeamGoFundMe for the “good” apples!); and the cute being the Dallas Stars incredible Make-A-Wish game played with the mighty EKG’s (and that goon Anderson McDuffie).

In this episode’s “What the Puck” be go back to basics and break down the “rush”. During which Erika proves she is a Fake Canadian and doesn’t even make one Rush joke. She is NOT today’s Tom Sawyer. But she does get her revenge by quizzing Deb in a rapid fire “Say What Now?”

As always, we close with a “Hockey Tidbit” in which Erika recounts a charming family anecdote about the time Daryl Sutter delivered a combine and was sassed by her nephew. Canadians, eh?

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