Beginner's Puck #32 December 14, 2018


Today our cities may be at war, but for this episode Deb and Erika cozy up and discuss the changes in management and coaching brought to our fair cities, and if they’ve made any differences. (The Philadelphia Flyer fan half of this team threw hands AND snorted.) We also discuss the NHL’s 32nd team, the upcoming World Juniors Championship, and the age old dilemma of how to deal when a player you like is traded to a team you very much do NOT like. (ANGST)

And now the the Willy Nylander deal is settled (#blessed) we bemoan the oncoming months of Matthews/Marner speculation. (This is not AO3 so don’t look at that slash that way. Rude.) Which brings us to this week’s “What the Puck” - Offer Sheets! We give you the lowdown on what they are and if they are feasible in the modern NHL.

To close out this ep we give you the delightful Hockey Tidbit of the Montreal Canadiens “Twig for Twig” program. It’s a good one.

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