Beginner's Puck #30 October 15, 2018
Goalie equipment and NHL’s sexual assault policy

The Good, Bad, Ugly

…otherwise known as “The first week of hockey, baby!” Deb and Erika talk about the good (So. Many. Goals.), the bad (why you have to hurt us like that Edmonton?) and the ugly (NHLPA/NHLShyam Das - you are ON NOTICE. You too, Matheson). Sure, there have been some bumps in the road but it’s early days, kids. Who knows what next week will bring?

In this episode’s “What the Puck?” we’re back on our goalie game - this time breaking down the evolution of goalie equipment.

And finally, in a fuzzy, orange, terrifyingly ridiculous hockey tidbit, Deb wants to love Gritty with her whole heart. Sadly, due to some off-ice issues she has to deduct a few character points, dropping him firmly into the “problematic fave” league for the time being. We believe in your development, Gritty. We’re pulling for you!

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