Beginner's Puck #28 September 10, 2018
Summer is over, let’s do that hockey

So Long to Summer!

The dog days are (nearly) over and hockey is (almost) back. Deb and Erika catch up on what’s gone down in the Post-Tavares summer trade season (Not Much*), what RFA’s without contracts are making us clutch our pearls, who’s going to be this year’s Tavares and, of course, the Nate Schmidt controversy. We also gripe about Toronto being so darn wholesome and talk about our hopes and fears for the 2018-2019 season because “predictions” are a fools game and honestly, were we not all schooled in the dangers of expectations by last year’s Vegas Golden Knights?

In this episode’s “What the Puck” we answer a listeners question and dig into buyouts - what they are, how they’re used and how the #*!&#^ the Caps pulled off that Orpik deal.

And finally, it’s training camp season which means, Rookie Games! Deb waxes poetic on the good hockey boys and their gosh-darn-go-get-em spirit.

Have a hockey question, comment or observation? Do YOU know how players are selected for the NHL media weekend? Drop us an email or tweet and let us know!

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*Disclaimer: Montreal pulled off their late-night Max Pacioretty trade a few hours after we we recorded this episode. THANKS MARC.

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