Beginner's Puck #27 July 9, 2018
Stanley Cup wrap up

A Day With The Cup

Ready for another Hockey round-up? Deb and Erika relive the Washington Capital’s unbridled joy at winning the Stanley Cup. (And endless celebrations. Seriously, have they sobered up yet?) We walk you through highlights (and lowlights) of the NHL awards, the draft, the Hall of Fame nominations as well as recap the #TavaresWatch2018 and settle you in for #KarlssonWatch. And yes, we have a good old rant about the human trash fire known as Slava Voynov. (We’re watching you Flyers/Oilers.)

In this eps “What The Puck” we dive into the origins of “Cup Day” and the shenanigans that led to the creation of “The Keep of the Cup” position. Let’s just say that Phil Pritchard owes a debt to the Patrick Roy, a pool, and the Montreal Canadiens.

Finally, Erika brings us a delightful Hockey Tidbit as she explains those teeny tiny goal nets seen on many a Canadian pond.

Have a question, comment or favorite Cup Day shenanigan? Drop us a tweet or email and let us know!

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