Beginner's Puck #25 May 28, 2018
Stanley Cup preview

All The Hockey…

Your intrepid hosts are back from the war* with a HUGE supersized episodes where we catch up on All The Hockey. Deb and Erika dig into the “OMG are we still surprised?” Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup run along with the “OMG did Ovi marry the Prince of Wales Cup?” Washington Capitals FINALLY punching their ticket to the big show. The playoffs, the fan bases, the hype - we got it all.

And there’s even more hockey! We got your World Cup, your Memorial Cup, your Calder Cup. All The Cups!

There’s good hockey, such as the announcement of a new ECHL team, the Newfoundland Growlers, with an adorable pupper logo (13/10. Would hockey) and the not so good hockey with USA Hockey’s problematic announcement of John Vanbiesbrouck as Assistant executive director of hockey operations.

In a lighter vein, we look at the Beginner’s Puck Team’s Bracket Challenge. (Spoiler: Deb and Erika are pretty terrible at Bracket Challenges.)

This episode we’re leaving “What the Puck” up to Snoop Dogg but Erika has a delightful “Hockey Tidbit” where she expresses her joy over the NHL’s Stanley Cup teaser commercials.

Have a hockey question you’d like to see us address? Drop us a tweet or email and we’ll drop some hockey knowledge on you. And if you like what we’re doing, leave us a review on iTunes and help other hockey fans find us!

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Show Notes

No links for Stanley Cup news. Seriously, do we have to do everything? Google is your friend!
NCAA Coaches moving on up to Dallas and New York
USA Hockey. What were you thinking? (Bonus Athletic article for subscribers. Worth a read.)
Look at this cute mascot, look at it!!!

What the Puck?

Check out Snoop Dogg aka “Dogg Cherry” as he explains to you the ins and outs of this beautiful sport.

Hockey Tidbit

Erika really loves Stanley Cup Commercials. Like this one… And ESPECIALLY this one