Beginner's Puck #18 December 19, 2017
Streaks, grudges and bogus stats

Streaks and Stats

Did you know hockey is actually fun when your team racks up a few wins? Who knew?! In this ep Erika and Deb talk about streaks - winning AND losing; the most bogus of stats (spoiler: Hockey Analysts love them) and the grudgiest of grudge matches. Hey, we all love a narrative!

In a continuation of “Say What Now?” Erika turns the tables and quizzes Deb on colorful hockey language and in this ep’s “Hockey Tidbit” Erika expresses her love for outdoor hockey, especially when played by teams not named “Chicago Blackhawks”.

Do you have a colorful hockey phrase*? Drop us a tweet and test our hockey knowledge!

*Any phrase uttered by Daryl Reaugh aka “Razer” of the Dallas Stars is automatically disqualified because, dude…that is like next level.

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