Beginner's Puck #17 December 2, 2017
Say What Now?

Sad Slapper

Sure, everything is terrible in both Philadelphia and Edmonton…and Arizona…and Buffalo, and…

BUT we persevere! Deb and Erika talk about Erika’s recent AHL Road Trip, how you love a team that’s sinking faster than the Titanic and what is the best way to turn around a slump because hockey fans always have opinions on THAT.

Plus, we introduce “Say What Now?” - a new segment that looks at the crazy world of Hockey Broadcast Lingo. In “Hockey Tidbits”, Deb talks about her delightful Hockey Advent Calendar, photos of which will be posted daily on the Beginner’s Puck Twitter feed.

So ignore all that real hockey, it’s just terrible. Listen to us instead!

And hey, tweet us any crazy hockey descriptions you’ve come across. That’s way more fun than reading yet another hot take on which player/coach/system is killing our teams. Hockey, man…it’s brutal.

Twitter: @BeginnersPuck

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