A Cup of Alphabet Soup

Hockey (the physical game) may be over but Hockey (the Machiavellian game) continues as we head into the Expansion Draft. Deb and Erika delve into The Great Hockey Hunger Games of 2017. There’s a-wheeling and a-dealing in Sin City, probably, and teams are a-scrambling to protect their assets - and asking players to, literally, take one for the team.

Oh, and the Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh’s legacy is discussed as well as a brief overview of the beloved hunk of silver that will be hoisted over heads, wined, dined and probably end up in a pool before safely returned to Toronto.

In a new “What the Puck?” We get into the NHL’s Alphabet Soup and explain NMC,NTC, UFA and RFAs. We are HERE for all your de-mystifying needs.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish

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