Beginner's Puck #10 May 27, 2017
Stanley Cup Finals/Cup Superstitions

The Final Countdown

After a crazy, exhausting, unpredictable playoff run that nearly killed Deb and Erika, the Nashville Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins punched their tickets and are heading to the Stanley Cup finals! (Bandwagon? What Bandwagon? We’ve always been #Smashville fans.) We also talk about the NHL’s flub with Getzlaf, The Swedish Men’s National Team’s fantastic World Cup win, Vegas Golden Knight’s new AHL affiliate, Craig Cunningham’s new role with the Coyotes and Steve Ott’s unexpected new role with the Blues. Plus, hockey keeps hockeying in the Calder and Memorial Cup races.

In a ridiculous “What the Puck” we discuss Cup Superstitions and in this week’s Hockey Tidbit Deb expresses her love for sassy in-game music.

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