About Us

Not Playing with Lex and Dan

Lex Friedman and Dan Moren have gaps in their pop-culture knowledge. Specifically, they haven’t seen many movies that other folks consider classics. Too often, when it comes to movies that most people know, Lex hasn’t seen it, Dan hasn’t seen it, or—far too often—neither one of them has seen it.

Not Playing aims to right those wrongs.

Lex and Dan watch movies together. They record live commentary tracks as they do so, and then they discuss the movie they just watched after the credits roll.

You can subscribe to just the post-mortem sessions, or you can download the commentary tracks themselves, sync up your copy of the movie, and watch along with us.

It’s Not Playing, with Lex and Dan.

The Not Playing podcast opening theme is by Lex and Dan (with selections from Harold Faltermeyer, John Williams, and Bill Conti); our closing music is cleverly assembled from GarageBand loops by Dan Moren.

The interstitial music found in the capsule versions was composed and recorded by podcast music impresario Chris Breen.

Thank you so much to Tom Poston for making our logo happen. He found the theater and shot the picture himself!

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