Not Playing with Lex and Dan #7.9 October 28, 2021
Point Break

Point Break

To close out season 7 of Not Playing, we check in on Keanu Reeves once again, as surfer/bank robber Dan Moren and undercover FBI agent Lex Friedman sit down to watch the 1991 film Point Break.

Hot topics include bad FBI agents, not enough heists, and why you always remember your first time jumping out of a plane with no parachute.

Programming Note: In addition to this capsule episode, which contains our discussion before and after the film, members can watch along with Lex and Dan in a full-length commentary track, available in the members-only First Class feed. If you’re not already a member, why not sign up? And if you are, now’s a great time to update your membership allocations and maybe throw a little support in the direction of Not Playing. Thanks!

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