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Not Playing Commentary: Trading Places

Welcome to the special members-only commentary track for this Not Playing bonus episode. Sync up this track with your own copy of Trading Places and watch along in real time with Lex and Dan!

Agents of SMOOCH: Horny for Clothes

It’s Jean’s birthday! She wants to watch a retro movie with pretty people and pretty clothes. We got a young Richard Gere and well-fitting Armani pants in American Gigolo. Is this movie the sexy noir mystery we all long for? Or are some things just…. Weird? We start chaotic and settle in for this classic movie. Is there sex? Yes. Is there nudity? Oh yeah. So be warned. This podcast and movie are not safe for work or kids. Swearing and shouting included free of charge.

Not Playing Commentary: A Few Good Men

Welcome to the special members-only commentary track for this Not Playing bonus episode. Sync up this track with your own copy of A Few God Men and watch along in real time with Lex and Dan!

Not Playing Commentary: Top Gun

Welcome to the special members-only commentary track for this Not Playing bonus episode. Sync up this track with your own copy of Top Gun and watch along in real time with Lex and Dan!

Corner of the Sky: Let's Fix the Tony Awards

Inspired by the recent flagship episode in which panelists drafted their preferred winners for Best Picture of the years, I gathered a group to take away the actually announced Tony Award winners and give them to the nominees that we thought deserved them instead. Brian Hamilton, Jessica Morandi, Shelly Brisbin, and Moisés Chiullán bring their opinions and fix these dang awards.

Not Playing Commentary: Risky Business

Welcome to the special members-only commentary track for this Not Playing bonus episode. Sync up this track with your own copy of Risky Business and watch along in real time with Lex and Dan!

Agents of SMOOCH: Frumpy Troll Walk

It was our Director’s birthday and she wanted to watch Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. So the Incomprehensible Agents of SMOOCH reconvene for this important NSFW mission. We search for hogs. Nous parlons en Français. We complain about wardrobe. Agent Moisés is watching it with the Italian language track for some reason. It is the usual chaos. Join us if you dare!

With Director Annette Wierstra and Agents Jean MacDonald, Tiff Arment, Moisés Chiullán, and Kathy Campbell.

Saga of Rereading Epics: Wrap-up

A final hello and howdy-do to our beloved listeners! We hope you enjoy this early access to the final stage of our epic journey.

Now that we’ve completed our epic reread, we take some time to debrief on the books, the reread, and our whole philosophies of rereading and revisiting media. We even throw in a few reading recommendations for good measure.

More than anything, we want to thank you all for joining us on this epic journey.

Saga of Rereading Epics: Magnificat

Greetings, fair Incomparable member! Here is your early access to this penultimate episode of our saga!

We’ve reached the end! Time to cover the final book about this “magnificent family of weirdo psychic Kennedys”.

Just one more ep of the podcast to go, when we’ll wrap up the entire nine-book epic!

Saga of Rereading Epics: Diamond Mask

Hello lovely, member! Because of your membership, you get to hear this ep early! It’ll drop in the main feed April 25, 2021.

The Galactic Milieu drama continues with a female protagonist and a corker of a final line!

Agents of SMOOCH: Mayonnaise Orchid

Our Incomprehensible Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. gather, on-demand, to celebrate Agent Campbell’s birthday. When we say this is the most chaotic good (so far) of our commentaries, we aren’t kidding. We are also periodically shocked into silence because we are watching a legitimately GOOD sexy movie with the best paperwork you’ve ever seen. Our birthday Agent requested Secretary for her birthday and we could not refuse. We didn’t even bother to make drinking rules. We just drink when Kathy tells us to and when we declare that Lee has more chemistry with a stapler than any humans have in 50 Shades. With a special, SURPRISE late-night cameo from our Scottish Agent who seeks to apply for Incomprehensible Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. status. This is your life Kathy Campbell. Happy birthday!

Featuring Agents Annette Wierstra, Kathy Campbell, Moises Chuillan, Tiff Arment, and Jean MacDonald with surprise Agent Jms Thm*on.

TPK Sports Corner 2

What are we doing? We don’t even know. But it involves sports. Kinda.

And yes, this is the second time we’ve done this, but it’s the first time we all recorded it in a non-bootleg fashion.


Voyager Valentine: Let's Watch Resolutions Together

Moisés and Jean watch Star Trek: Voyager episode Resolutions (Season 2, Episode 25) together, with drinks and commentary on this shipper’s favorite. Janeway and Chakotay are stranded for weeks on a planet alone when they contract a deadly virus that will kill them if they return to the ship. The One Where Chakotay Builds A Bathtub.

Muppet Montage

Listener David Lu made this supercut for our clip show, but we had already recorded it when he sent it in.

It’s amazing.

Yippee-Ki-Yay: Welcome to SMOOCH Party, Pal

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie, or is it a romance? We decided that the answer is “yes.” We might have used that as an excuse to get together for a boozy Office Holiday Party at SMOOCH Remote Headquarters. We also just might have recorded a thoroughly Incomprehensible commentary for 1988’s DIE HARD, starring Bruce Willis’ arms and Alan Rickman’s hair, as well as a ballet dancer henchman’s legs and butt. Get ready for the profane, ridiculous, and fun workplace Christmas party you don’t have to get out of bed for.

Robot Or Not Bonus: Coke

Hey! Kids! Cocaine!

Agents of SMOOCH: Cannon Foder

Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H & Lions, Towers & Shields cohost their first Incomprehensible Commentary! We return to Connecticut for Christmas, but this time it’s 1992 and we’ve got Dyan Cannon and Kris Kristopherson with a bit of Tony Curtis. All directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. We come expecting little and this movie does disappoint us. Come for the fabulous early 90’s wardrobe and stay for Chekov’s vibrator. Even if the story is full of overacting and fake snow, the ending makes everything worth it: we see you “Crazed Director” David Arnott.

SMOOCH: Baby Shower Face Punch

Our Incomprehensible Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. return for the Royal Baby Shower! King Richard and Queen Amber are expecting their first baby in The Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. But this movie is so much more than just about babies! We have historical flashbacks! We have thievery! We have ghosts! We have curses! We even have dungeons! Our Agents are ready to take one last trip to Aldovia with you.

Corner of the Sky: The Game Show

I somehow convinced six Incomparable panelists, new and returning to Corner of the Sky alike, to play a series of… let’s say “Inconceivable-inspired” musical theater trivia games. It’s Monty Ashley, Brian Hamilton, Shelly Brisbin, Annette Wierstra, Glenn Fleishman, Jean MacDonald, and scorekeeper Kathy Campbell in the first ever edition of the Corner of the Sky gameshow!

Agents of SMOOCH: Switch Harder

It’s time for the Incomprehensible Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. to jump right into the Princess Switch: Switched Again. Should we have started with the first movie? Maybe. Do you need to? Nah. Just watch Vanessa Hudgens take on three accents while we swoon over wardrobe. We all want to go to Belgratenaro when it is awash in Christmas trees and lights.

Agents of SMOOCH: Do You Need a Little Tipple?

Our Incomprehensible Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. are back in their best formal wear! You are invited to join us at the event of the Christmas Season: The Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding. Join Amber and King Richard as they struggle through the challenges of being rich and in love. Putting on your tiaras and join our Agents in this important festive mission. We are dedicated to bringing you all the Christmas Prince content you didn’t know you wanted.

Robot Or Not Bonus: Production Logos

Robot Or Not presents a Robot Or Not production of a Robot Or Not podcast.

"The Princess Bride" commentary track

Join Jason, David, Kathy, James, Steven, and Chip as they watch and talk about “The Princess Bride.”

Agents of SMOOCH: Dark Blue Rivendale

It’s time for our Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Halloween extra for our members. Yes! The Incomprehensible Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. are back. This is the follow-up to our commentary for the OG Underworld. We have running jokes! We have hot, dirty, damp lycans! We have dark elves turned vampires! We have drinks! Moises is still trying to count us in. Kathy hates red vines. Annette reveals all her secrets. And Jean dials it in, and we don’t even notice. It’s a tipsy commentary. There will be nonsense and swearing so buckle the f* up Agents. Happy Hallow’s Eve!

Saga of Rereading Epics: Jack the Bodiless

Heya, member! This isn’t the last episode of Saga of Rereading Epics you’ll get early, but this is the last weekly drop for the moment, because we have not yet recorded the next episode. This ep will drop in the main feed on March 25, 2021.

We have started the final trilogy of Julian May’s epic series with a book that asks “what if the Kennedys, but psychic?”

Lazy Doctor Who: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Commentary

Yes, you read that right. Steven and Erika love The Rise of Skywalker, so they chatter their glee into microphones while watching so you can share the love.

Remember, there’s no requirement to listen to this, and we don’t want to hear you tell us we’re wrong for enjoying it.

Saga of Rereading Epics: The Metaconcert

Haloo, Incomparable member! You’re super-keen, so you get this podcast super-early. It’ll drop in the main feed February 25, 2021.

Intervention concludes with a fairly epic showdown. There’s some dark, dark stuff here, but it’s such a wild ride! And Uncle Rogi continues to be a lovely old crank.

A Legitimate Salvage Member Special 2020

Chip, Kayti, Jen, and Warren have done the unthinkable—they’ve actually listened to some listeners’ demands and READ The Expanse fiction! Wary of having the TV experience spoiled, they’re delving into Amos’s backstory with The Churn, while checking in on a bit of news since Season 4 ended—including the disappointing alleged behavior of actor Cas Anvar.

Saga of Rereading Epics: The Surveillance

Greetings, member! Welcome to the “present”, where you get to hear this ep early! It’ll drop in the main feed January 25, 2021.

After travelling six million years into the future, Lisa and Erika grapple with a tonal shift, but it’s a shift that feels pretty good once we settle in — in great part because Uncle Rogi is a cantankerous delight!

Now Do Me as William Powell

Lions, Towers & Shields Productions presents a members-only classic movie character draft, featuring some of your favorite LTS and Incomparable panelists. We draft characters roughly from 1930 to 1960. Roughly. Because Shelly is a nice host.