Biff! #94 June 10, 2021
Loki, Episode 1 / Legends of Tomorrow, Season 6, Episode 5

Loki E1: “Glorious Purpose” / Legends of Tomorrow S6E5: “The Satanist’s Apprentice”

What’s better than one show that mucks about with the timeline? Two shows that muck about with the timeline! The crew is pulling double duty this week: first up, the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow complete with a Disney pastiche, a portrait of Aleister Crowley, and the hardest cheese you’ll ever see.

Then, we discuss the debut episode of the latest Marvel series on Disney+, Loki. Hot topics include free will vs. predestination, a psychological breakdown, and time-travel shenanigans.

Loki, Episode 1 and Legends of Tomorrow, Season 6, Episode 5

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