Agents of SHIELD S6E8: “Collision Course (Part I)”

We’re an out-of-control truck barreling down the road, headed for an alien structure. Metaphorically and literally! But along the way, we discuss this week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD episode, including why it’s not always wise to dish about monoliths, the value of having a good budget, and being jealous of yourself.

Then, in this week’s Superhero Sweep, we wildly speculate about what Phase IV of the MCU might be and take a look back at Avengers: Endgame a few months after release.

We’re still offering fabulous shirts, should your old ones be getting a little threadbare.

Agents of SHIELD, Season 6, Episode 8

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Dan Moren, John Moltz and Guy English

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The Loneliest Duty - Don’t get shirty with us. (Or do.)

Arrow - From one truck heist team to another.

Bomb Spray - Just a dab will do you. (From the makers of Portal Spray.)

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