Biff! #50 June 18, 2020
Agents of SHIELD Season 7, Episode 4

Agents of SHIELD S7E4: “Out of the Past”

The cold rain peppered down like bullets this week, as we go full noir for the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD. We talk about this fantastic homage firing on all cylinders, how the show is even more resonant than when its as shot, and a surprise twist that none of your hosts saw coming. Plus, a long overdue return to Conspiracy Corner. Then in our Superhero Sweep segment, the first peek at the Snyder Cut, continued love for Stargirl, and a little off-topic chat about Star Wars: Squadrons.

Lian Yu will live forever in our hearts, so why not get a commemorative t-shirt?

Agents of SHIELD, Season 7, Episode 4

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