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Biff! #21 October 31, 2019
Arrow Season 8, Episode 3

Arrow S8E3: “Leap of Faith”

Our team of assassins turned heroes returns this week with episode 3 of Arrow’s swan song season. We talk about when an Indiana Jones homage doesn’t quite land, the characters that we wish were around this week, confusing motives from an inscrutable being, and a…surprisingly promising ending? Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we speculate about the announcement of a Superman & Lois show in development and whether the Arrowverse can support yet another super-show, plus rumors of a Green Lantern show over on HBO Max Awesome Supreme. Finally, in the Letters Page, we speculate about one thing that could improve a show. And Guy and John take new jobs in a surprising location.

Want to blend in when you join all the other first-year assassins? Consider a spiffy shirt.

Arrow, Season 8, Episode 3

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