Where or When

Liv and Will are living the “happily ever after.” Or so they thought until they met Tess. But once the time agents showed up…well, there’s “it’s complicated…” and then there’s “it’s…complicated…”

Some things that happened for the first time seem to be happening again. But who will end up with whom? And where or when?

A time traveling romance written by Andie Arthur and David J. Loehr, produced with Lost Girls Theatre.

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    September 24, 2022 I’ll see you in my dreams…
    01 The Second Hand Unwinds

    Meet Liv and Will, living their happily ever after. She’s an event planner, he’s a university librarian. All is right with their world.

    And then, the university is bequeathed an estate named Avalon…

    Get lost with us in the worlds of Where or When.

    Written by David J. Loehr
    Directed by Katherine Siegel

    Alicia Cruz — Liv
    Jordon Armstrong — Will
    Juno Hopson — Luna
    Tracey Barrow-Schoenblatt — Mallory
    Thiana Barrick — Tess
    Marcos Fuentes — Levinson

    Where or When was created by Andie Arthur and David J. Loehr
    Associate Producer: Zoe Garnett

    A production of Lost Girls Theatre and the Incomparable Radio Theater