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Doctor Who (1996 movie) (Movie)

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This Week in Time Travel 46: Not the One You Expected

The Eighth Doctor was truly the “Fans’ Doctor.” Not because fandom created him, but because thanks to novels and especially Big Finish, fans of Doctor Who got to know Paul McGann’s Doctor while the wider world missed out. Alyssa and Chip talk about his arc from the TV movie to “Night of the Doctor” while preparing for their live show at (Re)Generation Who with Rachel Talalay on Saturday, March 24!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke

Unjustly Maligned 7: "Doctor Who: The Movie" with Al Kennedy

Geek critic and podcaster Al Kennedy joins Antony to bemoan the unjust maligning of the 1996 “Doctor Who” movie, explain how Paul McGann was a great Doctor, and why he always drezzzzzes for the occasion.

Antony Johnston with Al Kennedy