Voyager Revisited #9 October 18, 2019
Gravity, Season 5, Episode 13

Tuvok Defying Gravity

Our guest this week is prolific podcaster from, Justin Oser, who co-hosts Earl Grey and The Line, the latter focused on the new Picard series. Given Seven Of Nine’s return in Picard, Justin’s been rewatching Voyager and recently watched one of our favorite episodes, Gravity (S5E13). Rewatching together gave us a chance to talk about another favorite character, the Vulcan Tuvok, played by Tim Russ, and one of the great series guest stars, Lori Petty, whose character falls in love with him.

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Show Notes

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The Line podcast on, featuring the new Picard series

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Tank Girl, starring Lori Petty aka Noss in the title role

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